Old House Window

Sometimes the signs that your home needs exterior remodeling are obvious. Having a tree limb fall through your roof or break a large portion of your siding will leave you with obvious repairs to make.  However, when it comes to your windows, the signs that you need to replace them can be more subtle, but just as important for the health of your home.  Interested in learning more about some of the signs you may have missed? Check out all of the things you should look out for below!

High Energy Bills

One of the most obvious signs that your windows need to be replaced is when your energy bills seem to be much higher than they should be.  If your windows have a draft, you could be losing a significant amount of heat through them. The easiest way to check is to hold a candle around your window frames. If you see it flickering, you know there is a draft coming through the windows.  If you have particularly old windows, they could be hurting your homes energy efficiency as well.  Windows used to have just a single pane of glass which is not energy efficient at all and is more prone to leaking.  If you have single-pane windows, even if they don’t have a draft, it is likely that you will see improvements in your energy bill just by switching to newer, more energy efficient windows.

Rotting Frames and Leaking Windows

These two issue tend to go hand in hand.  If your windows frames weren’t properly sealed, or even if you just live in high precipitation area, you may face rotting window frames. While you may not be worried about a bit of decay if water isn’t actively leaking into your home, you should replace rotten frames as soon as possible.  While they may be stopping moisture from making its way into your home for the time-being, it will continue to rot and eventually it will begin to either leak moisture into your home, or begin to the damage the walls of your home instead.  What could have been a simple window repair could turn into something far more expensive if left untreated.  Be sure to replace any rotten window frames and leaky windows as soon as possible.

Noise Pollution

Another issue you may face, particularly with old single-pane windows, is noise pollution. If you find the noise coming from the street to be very loud, even when your windows are closed, it is likely that you need to replace your windows.  Not only will replacing your windows improve the noise pollution inside your home, but it is likely that if your windows are letting in large amounts of noise pollution, they are also not as energy efficient as they should be.


Finally, if you find that you simply cannot open and close your windows easily anymore, it is likely that you need to replace the whole unit. Wood windows in particular tend to accumulate large amounts of moisture in their framework over the years.  If you can’t operate your windows, they won’t be much use to you.  Therefore, replace any windows that you cannot open and close!

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