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Cedar Wood Siding

What Can Cedar Wood Siding Do For You?

Cedar Wood Siding

The natural choice of cedar wood is one of the more popular siding solutions throughout all of New England. For years have been protecting their houses with cedar wood and we are happy to provide professional installations and repairs.

Cedar Wood Siding

Reasons why homeowners choose Advanced for their Cedar Wood?

While vinyl siding may be the poster child of the siding industry, and James Hardie’s Fiber Cement is the up and comer, there are other siding options that are equally effective, but oftentimes overlooked. Cedar wood siding is one such option. Cedar wood is a beautiful siding solution for any home, and we are happy to help our homeowners with cedar siding solutions for their homes! Our team is precise, highly-skilled and experienced in all facets of installing cedar wood siding. Siding is an important part of your homes exterior, and our well-trained team at Advanced understands that, and we are ready to assist you with your siding needs. We treat every house like our own!

Reasons why homeowners choose Cedar Wood?

  • Cedar wood provides homeowners with the authentic look that no other siding can truly match. Many homeowners choose to install cedar wood siding for the natural beauty that it can add to any home!
  • More durable than other kinds of wood, cedar wood is long-lasting, with a natural resistance to rot, mildew, bacteria, and fungi, which makes it a wonderful option for siding. It is also resistant to warping, cupping, splitting, and swelling, and although your cedar siding should be covered with a protective finish, cedar is a naturally durable wood that stands up well to the elements.
  • Cedar wood siding is an environmentally friendly siding option. While vinyl siding requires the use of fossil fuels to construct, cedar wood simply needs to be harvested, and it’s durability means that will last for decades if properly maintained, and is fully recyclable when the time comes.
  • Natural cedar wood does an amazing job at protecting homes. It is a natural insulator and is extremely weather resistant, making it an excellent option for
  • It is offered in cedar boards, cedar shingles or cedar shake, meaning no matter what style of siding you prefer, your aesthetic vision can be fulfilled.
  • After choosing your style, you can paint your cedar wood any color you’d like. Cedar wood siding is available in a variety of patterns and styles, and although many people choose to use the natural wooden look of the cedar wood siding, it can be painted any color you choose!

If you’re interested in installing cedar wood siding on your home, reach out to our team at Advanced today to discuss our siding solutions.  You can reach our team by calling us at (978) 440-5020 or by filling out our online contact form! We look forward to assisting you with all of your Cedar siding needs!

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