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Common Issues We See During a Roof Inspection

Getting a roof inspection is crucial for maintaining the durability and longevity of the roof. These standard inspections are done regularly and can help determine if your property has any underlying issues. We find so many problems during routine checkups. Here are the most common issues we see during a roof inspection

Bad Installation Can Lead to Long-Term Damage

Bad installation jobs are typical and can be a long-term issue for most buildings. We can advise if the installation was done correctly during a roof inspection. If your roof has a lousy installation, the building will have a higher risk of leaks and damage to the structure. Fortunately, if caught early on, it can be fixed by having the roof repaired. 

Roof Leaks Can Build Mold and Damage the Home Structure

Roof leaks can cause extensive damage if they are not detected early on. They can happen for various reasons, such as packed gutters, rotten shingles, water overflow, etc. It is better to get ahead of a roof leak before it seeps into your insulation. Leaks are common, especially after storms or a heavy rain season. That is why an inspection is so important: to catch the leak early on and prevent long-term damage to the building.

Overflowing Gutters Can Ruin Home Foundation

When rough storms occur, leaves, trees, branches, or debris can cause damage to your gutters. While you may not notice this from the ground, gutters can quickly become filled to the brim with debris. Full gutters can overflow, allowing the water to get stuck and eventually slip into the building. It can also prevent the water from flowing correctly, causing a build-up that could last months. During a roof inspection, we can ensure you have the best gutters for the area’s climate so water can flow easily during rainfall. 

Poor Repairs Can Lead to Replacing Roof Entirely

Another common issue we see when doing roof inspections is the consequence of poor repairs. An inadequate repair means you may have hired a company to fix your roof, and they did it incorrectly. While this is one of the worst feelings, it does happen often. Roof inspections can help determine if somebody repaired correctly or not. If you fix a poor repair early on, you can prevent long-term damage to the building, including the common issues that we listed above.

At Advanced Roofing and Siding, we are happy to be your guide during your roof inspection. These are the most common issues we see during a roof inspection, but remember that there can be a variety of others. You can set up your routine roof inspection with us so we can help detect any issues that may have occurred over time. We are happy to review any problems we find in detail while handling any needed repairs. 


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