Get Your Home Ready to Sell – Even if You Are Staying

Carefully chosen renovations made before putting up a “For Sale” sign can help ensure a quicker sale at a higher price. But home sellers should beware of the “easy fix” of cosmetic changes that might look good, but won’t truly enhance the value of their property. This is especially true of older homes. Here’s why.

Homes built after 1985 use an average of half as much energy as those built earlier. The move toward more efficient systems and materials have led to homes that require much less fuel to heat, and less electricity to cool. These are important factors to home buyers.

A survey by the National Association of Homebuilders found that 90% of people think energy efficiency is “very important” when choosing a home. A study in the Washington, DC market found that homes which had received energy efficient renovations sold for 3.6% more money than home with no energy efficient work done. It is clear that buyers who are getting ready to make a significant investment are looking for substance over style.

There are home improvements that deliver both energy efficiency and improved curb appeal. For example, replacing a home’s windows with updated, energy efficient models not only reduces energy loss throughout the year, but can also transform the look of a home’s exterior. Other energy renovations that work well and also look good including insulated siding, more efficient entry doors, and new roofing with proper ventilation and attic insulation.

Of course, if you make any or all of these renovations you might decide not to sell your home after all! But you’ll still benefit from the improved comfort, reduced energy costs, and enhanced aesthetics of your “new look” home.

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