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Ice Dam Removal

Giant Ice Dams

As Massachusetts homeowners know, ice dams are a normal part of the winter experience in New England. They are pesky, large sheets of ice that form in your gutter system due to heat from your home melting the snow on your roof. As the snow melts on your roof, it rolls down your shingles, where it reaches the eaves of your roof, and your gutter system. At this point, the snow refreezes as it is not being warmed by your roof anymore. This process repeats indefinitely until an enormous build-up of ice has been formed. Getting rid of your home’s ice dams can be a difficult task, but our team at Advanced Roofing can make the process simple & easy! If you’re interested in learning more about our ice dam removal services, keep reading below for more information!

Ice Steaming

When it comes to ice dam removals, not all companies are made equal. There are a variety of different methods to tackle ice dam removals, from breaking them off with an ice pick, to leaving ice melting chemicals on your home’s roof. However, these methods can cause damage to your roof, which is why our team is happy to be able to offer an alternative to those in need!

Our team has steaming machines that will remove ice dams off of your roof quickly and easily. Instead of using blunt force or chemicals to remove the ice off of your roof, our machines will gently melt off the ice of your home’s roof. Whether you have gutters full of ice or just a patch here and there, our team is ready to assist with your ice dam removal needs!

Why Do I Need To Remove My Ice Dams?

One question our team often hears from homeowners is:

“Why would I even need to remove my ice dams? They’re going to melt in the springtime anyways?”

While your homes ice dams will obviously melt in the spring, the danger is in the damage they can do during the wintertime. When your ice dams begin to backLarge Ice Dam that broke ruin gutters water up onto your shingles, it will remain in liquid form where it can quicly cause significant damage to your roofing system. The heat from your roof will keep any water above your ice dams in liquid form, and it can eventully work its way under your shingle system. Here, it can cause significant water damage to your roof deck, and potentially even further into your home’s walls.

Furthermore, the weight of the ice dams can often be enough to damage your shingle system, potentially causing it to dislodge from your roofing system if the ice dams are heavy enough!

With so much to lose, it is important to address any significant ice dams before they cause damage to your home’s roof! Our team at Advanced Roofing & Siding is here to help!

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Our team services much of the Greater Boston and MetroWest area with our amazing ice dam removal services. Here are some of our most popular towns that we find ourselves in the most:

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