Most Common Roofing Mistakes

Installing a roof is a complicated process.  There are a lot of fine details that need to be kept track of in order to ensure that the roof is installed properly.  A misstep or two along the way could seriously compromise the integrity and longevity of your roof. If you’ve been wondering how you can spot an inexperienced roofer, keep reading our blog to learn about some of the most common roofing mistakes that inexperienced crews make!

Forgetting To Install The Starter Shingles

This is one of the first steps of installing a new roof, and it is vitally important to your roof’s health. Forgetting the starter shingles can result in water finding its way into your roof deck where it can cause significant structural damage. Furthermore, forgetting to install the starter shingles can result in the bottom layer of your shingles blowing away!

Improper Overhang Of Shingles

Another mistake that an inexperienced roofer will make is giving the shingles too much overhang.  While there should be a few millimeters of overhang to help guide water into your gutter system, too much overhang can lead to wind ripping up your shingle system and causing significant damage to your home.

Forgetting The Underlayment

Another mistake that an inexperienced roofer will make is forgetting to install an underlayment below the shingle system.  Underlayments provide important benefits for a roof, as they act as your roofs final line of moisture defense if water finds a way to permeate into your roofing system.

Forgetting Flashing Around Vents and in Valleys

Another installation mistake that inexperienced roofers often make is forgetting to flash around any openings in your roof like vents or your chimney, or within the valleys of your roof, which act as funnels during a rainstorm. Flashing, and counter flashing, help to keep moisture out of the openings in your roof where they could cause significant damage. An inexperienced roofer will often remember to flash around openings, but not in the valleys of your roof, which handle significant amounts of water run-off during storms.

Improper Shingle Installation

The installation issue that most homeowners likely think of is improper shingle installation. This entails a number of different issues, from too much space between shingles, to not enough, to using the wrong number of nails or putting them in incorrect locations. There are many ways to install shingles incorrectly, so be on the lookout for a variety of signs!

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