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Roof Maintenance Checklist for Summer

The roof is one of the parts of the house that needs to be maintained very carefully. From the ever-changing weather to different natural disasters, the roof does its best to keep the house standing and protected. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly maintain it before the start of every season. While summer is known for its more accommodating conditions, there is still a need to check and perform maintenance and repairs if necessary.

This way, your roof can last longer and offer more protection. So, let’s look at some summer checklists for roof maintenance.

Attic Ventilation and Roof Insulation

There is a misconception among homeowners that insulation only helps them stay warm during the winter. However, it also helps them stay cool during the summer. So, ensure that you check the local regulations to know whether your home has the right amount of insulation and that it hasn’t gotten damp from leaks or humidity.

In addition, adequately installed attic ventilation helps regulate temperature and avoid humidity, which can lead to mold and mildew.

Shingles and Repair Flashing

Roofing materials expand and contract during the summer because of the different weather conditions and temperatures. Therefore, this can lead to shingle brittleness and displacement, especially in older roods. Therefore, it is best to look for broken shingles or any spacing between them. Also, inspect the flashing around your vents or chimneys because caulk around these areas usually damages your shingles. Furthermore, mildew and mold are the enemies during summer. So, if you see any dark patches on your roof, quickly get help from a professional roofer.

The Eaves

The part of the roof that hangs over the rest of your home is referred to as the eaves. These areas are common habitats for bugs to build their nests. While these nests are harmless most of the time, you should look out for hives. So, if you see any sign of these stinging insects building a home in your eaves, call an exterminator. There is also a possibility of siding damage. Ensure that you get it repaired as soon as possible to prevent moisture from getting into your home.


This is another part of the roof that you need to inspect. Ensure that the gutters are free of debris and leaves. Seeds can stay in clogged gutters, take root, and grow during summer, causing a huge headache and making it harder to clear out your gutters. 

Clean and effective gutters are especially important during the summer since thunderstorms bring a huge amount of water. Your gutter has to be in its best capacity and condition to direct water from your home.

Nearby Trees

If you’ve got trees near your roof, ensure to check them out. This is because the intense summer storms can quickly bring down branches onto the roof. Also, leaf and twig build-up from these trees can become a major issue when they run into your gutters. So, always trim nearby trees around your roof every summer, whether big or small, to prevent clogs and other issues.

It is crucial to inspect these various parts before winter begins to see if repairs or replacements are needed. From inspections to maintenance and replacements, Advanced Roofing and Siding offers the best services in these regards. Their team of professionals offers all of these services without dealing with the quotes and demands of roofing companies. Contact them today to help you get your roof ready for summer.


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