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At Advanced Roofing & Siding, we’re extremely proud to be able to offer our roofing and siding services to the community of Stow, Massachusetts. Stow is a town located in Middlesex County in the MetroWest region of the state. The town was incorporated in 1683 as a farming community and is still a destination for apple picking, with orchards all over town. Stow is a great place for families, combining beautiful nature and a close proximity to Boston and our office in Framingham. There are even 4 golf courses in town, offering fun for all ages.

There are about 2,500 households in Stowe, with a population of about 6,600, so there are always homeowners in Stow in need of our services. Whether your home needs new siding, new asphalt shingle roof, or perhaps new windows, our team at Advanced Roofing and Siding has got you covered. We’ve worked in Stow since we began the business in 2000 and still love working there today.

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Asphalt Roofing in Stow, MA

One of the most major parts of your home is your roof. It protects your entire home’s exterior from anything that mother nature can throw at it. But roofing also boosts your home’s value and curb appeal, not to mention the comfort and safety that it adds to your home. At Advanced Roofing and Siding, we work with the top manufacturers in the industry to ensure that we’re installing a quality product that will match our craftsmanship. When it comes to asphalt roofing, the top manufacturers are GAF and Owens Corning. Both have become industry leaders because of the wide variety of product options that they offer and the long-lasting durability. Our expert team can help you find the asphalt roofing shingle that’s perfect for your home.

Metal Roofing in Stow, MA

As more modern styles and trends develop, certain materials gain popularity. One newer technology when it comes to roofing is metal roofs, they’ve become so popular because of their durability that is second to none and the reliability of metal can’t always be replicated by other materials. Metal roofs have an extremely long life, that’s another reason that they’re becoming popular in climates with extreme winter weather. Metal can also offer advantages when it comes to energy efficiency, since they’re able to reflect heat from the sun. If you’re interested in our metal roofing services, reach out to our team today!

Siding in Stow, MA

We know that roofing protects the top of your home, siding does the same for the walls of your house. Siding helps keep the elements at bay and is one of the key features of your home’s appearance, it’s typically one of the first things people notice! Different siding materials offer different advantages and disadvantages, fortunately, our team has experience with a variety of siding materials including cedar, vinyl, and James Hardie Fiber Cement siding. We offer multiple siding options to customers so we can work with homeowners in Stow to find the siding that compliments their home.

Windows in Stow, MA

Last but certainly not least, windows are a key part to your home’s exterior. Windows can add style and beauty to your home, but they also serve important functional purposes such a ventilating your home and protection from weather. Just like with our other exterior services, we work with the beat manufacturers in the business when it comes to windows. We’ve got options for all budgets and tastes, with offerings from Harvey, Pella, Anderson, and Marvin. If you’re in Stow and need news windows, reach out to our team of experienced contractors today.

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