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Exterior remodeling is an important investment! After all, your home’s exterior contributes both to its protection and the split-second first impression that your whole property makes on visitors. At Advanced Roofing & Siding, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your home remains functional and beautiful for the long haul.

For over 20 years, our roofing company has been busily building up great relationships with our customers, as well as with roofing suppliers and manufacturers, throughout Mass & RI. Because of our extensive experience and connections, we can promise timely, affordable, and efficient results—no matter what kind of project you need our help with:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Replacement Windows
  • Doors

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Premium Roofing Reliably Installed by Westborough Professionals

When searching for a roofing contractor, you need a team that can keep your system in top condition through thick and thin. After all, your roof is the first line of defense for your home against the elements! To keep your property safe from water damage, it takes roofers with the proven skills to address issues of every scope—and, at Advanced Roofing, that’s precisely what we offer. 

Whether you’re looking for roof repairs or roof replacements, know that our team of roofing specialists is here to help.

Aesthetically-Driven Siding Replacements and Repairs

Are you looking for ways to boost your home’s curb appeal? Does your current siding look dingy and dated, or are some panels missing altogether? Our siding contractors can help you install brand-new siding in any color you choose, or make lasting siding repairs to restore the appearance and protection of your greatest asset.

We’re proud to offer a selection of proven siding products from respected manufacturers:

  • Cedar wood siding
  • Vinyl siding
  • Fiber cement siding by James Hardie

Replacement Windows Engineered to Last

If your home seems draftier than it should, the culprits could be your seriously outdated windows! We’re proud to carry trusted window products that have been carefully engineered with energy-efficiency in mind, and you can rely on our highly-trained replacement window installers to ensure you get the lasting performance you deserve for your investment.

At Advanced Roofing, we’re proud to be able to offer products from such exceptional brands as:

  • Andersen Windows
  • Marvin Windows
  • Harvey Windows
  • Pella Windows
  • Simonton Windows

Durable Doors for Your Dream Home

If you’ve been putting up with doors that aren’t perfectly insulated or don’t feel all that secure, take a look at our impressive line of Therma-Tru products! These doors have been carefully engineered to be airtight and feature state-of-the-art locking and hinging mechanisms for the ultimate in performance, aesthetics, and security.

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