Ice Dam Removal

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No matter how you feel about New England winters, you can’t deny that certain aspects of living in a cold climate are a hassle. Take ice dams, for example.

These sheets of ice can form in your gutters as heat from inside your home melts the snow on your roof. As it melts, water settles in your gutters, where it will freeze yet again when the mercury drops. Over time, this repeating cycle will ultimately result in gutters encased in a large build-up of ice.

The weight of the ice and the potential for moisture damage can put your home’s integrity at risk—but Advanced Roofing & Siding’s ice dam removal services prevent such issues.

Some homeowners assume ice dam removal isn’t necessary since the ice will eventually melt on its own. The problem is that our winters are long, and the longer an ice dam remains in place, the more certain it will be to cause exterior damage.

Don’t take unnecessary chances with your home! Let our professionals keep it in pristine shape by eliminating ice dams safely and effectively.

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There are various other methods for removing ice dams from your roof, but each has its drawbacks. In fact, using chemicals or chipping away at the ice dams with a pick can actually cause lasting damage to your home, but our ice dam removal company has a better way.

We use steaming machines to quickly and safely remove ice dams. No chemicals, no sharp objects, and no damage! In addition to our superior ice removal methods, these are other smart reasons to consider Advanced Roofing:

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