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When looking for roof repairs, the first step is to get a quote. Advanced Roofing & Siding makes it easy to get an accurate cost estimate. Some companies use high-pressure sales tactics, but that’s not our style. In fact, we don’t even require an in-person meeting for most estimates.

Instead, we allow potential customers to fill out a simple online form and attach a video of the damage. Our roofing specialists will examine the footage and get back to you quickly with an accurate estimate.

We could tell you all about our exceptional workmanship and premium products, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Just take a quick look at images of storm damage roof repairs we’ve completed for other homeowners and read our positive customer reviews to get an idea of the kind of service and results you can expect when you choose our award-winning team.

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Top-Rated Roof Inspection Company

Since 2000, Advanced Roofing & Siding has provided exceptional roofing services to homeowners throughout the Boston and Providence areas. Our in-house roofers are highly trained and certified to perform thorough roof damage inspections on asphalt and metal roofing. 

Roof Replacements

As an Owens Corning Platinum Contractor, you can count on us for high-performance materials, flawless workmanship, and exclusive warranties.

Roof Repairs

From small repairs to complex projects, our roofers have the skills to get the job done right.

Ice Dam Removal

Don’t let ice dams damage your home. Our steaming machines offer a fast, safe, and affordable way to clear the ice from your gutters.

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