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Reinvent Your Home with Durable, Beautiful Siding

Siding replacement will make a significant difference to your home’s energy efficiency and your cost of living—but it can do so much more than that, too! As one of the largest and most visible features of any property, new siding can transform and modernize even the most dated or dingy home exterior.

The key to getting siding that’s just as energy efficient as it is beautiful? It’s working with the siding experts of Advanced Roofing and Siding! Beyond licensed and insured siding installers, we also have talented siding design experts who can help you customize the perfect look.

We’re trained to design and install the highest-quality siding systems, including:

  • Mastic Vinyl and Insulated Vinyl Siding
  • LP SmartSide Engineered Wood Siding
  • James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding
  • Real Cedar Wood Siding
  • Additional Siding by Alside, CertainTeed, and More!

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Expert Siding Company for Design and Installation

At Advanced Roofing, we’ve been a locally based siding installation company since 2000, giving us 20+ years of experience designing new siding for homes throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Over the decades, we’ve partnered with only the most reliable siding brands, allowing us to guarantee the design details you deserve—including rich, long-lasting colors and stylish textures, shapes, and architectural trims.


Our siding can withstand impact damage, wind damage, and other common issues like termites, rot, and mold.

Energy Efficiency

The New England climate calls for siding that can seal out both heat and cold—and ours do just that! We offer several materials with varying levels of high energy efficiency.

Easy Maintenance

Because your new siding will be so durable, you won’t have to waste time or money on constant cleaning and repairs.

Long-Term Use

Like all of our exterior remodeling products, our siding replacement comes with premium manufacturer warranties and our own workmanship guarantee!

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