Vinyl vs. Fiber Cement Siding

Every homeowner wants their home to be beautiful. They want every part of their home to feel welcoming and to increase the value of their home, as well. One of the ways you can make your home more attractive and valuable is to choose the right type of siding. Two of the most popular siding options are vinyl and fiber cement. Choosing the best siding for your home can be tough. Comparing these two options can help you to make the right choice for your home. Let’s compare the benefits of each material below!

Energy Efficiency

When comparing these two types of siding and looking at the most energy-efficient option, you will find that vinyl siding takes the win. Vinyl siding can be fitted with added insulation, improving the efficiency of the material and making it the superior option for insulation.


When discussing which siding is more eco-friendly, you will find that fiber cement is at the top of the list. This type of siding uses sustainable materials like wood fibers in its construction. No fossil fuels are used in the construction of fiber cement, unlike vinyl siding.


Both vinyl siding and fiber cement siding are durable. The only difference for durability is that vinyl siding won’t absorb any moisture like the fiber cement potentially could. With that being said, the durability factor really is a tie between the two types of siding.


Fiber cement siding requires you to do more maintenance than vinyl siding. It will need to be painted, caulked, and it will fade with time. Vinyl siding generally doesn’t have these issues, making it the lower maintenance option.

Fire Resistance

Fiber cement siding is much more fire-resistant than vinyl siding. This is because fiber cement siding is flame-retardant and vinyl siding is not.


Vinyl siding is the cheaper of the two types of siding. This is when you are taking into consideration the original cost. However, you may have to replace vinyl siding earlier than you would have to replace fiber cement siding, making fiber cement the more cost-effective option on a long-term basis. If you’re expecting to be in your home for the foreseeable future, fiber cement is likely to be the more economical option over the lifespan of your home!

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These are the differences and similarities between vinyl siding and fiber cement siding. If you are trying to make home improvements on your house and siding is in question at this time, now you have a better idea of what you should have installed. Keep in mind that although the durability factor is about the same, the other factors vary between the two.

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