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The exterior of your home serves two distinct functions: to protect it from environmental hazards and climate extremes, and to make it look gorgeous to all who see it. At Advanced Roofing & Siding, we believe in protecting your investment with the expert yet affordable services you need to keep your property functional and beautiful for years to come.

As a roofing company with over two decades of experience, we’ve got the skills and confidence to tackle even the most complex exterior renovations. Interested to know more about what we offer? We’re proud to be considered experts in the following:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Replacement Windows
  • Doors

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Roofing Experts to Help Protect Your Home

If your roof is 15 years or older, now is the right time to make sure that it’s still capable of protecting your home as it should. At Advanced Roofing, our highly-skilled roofing contractors rely on the best brands and perform flawless installations to keep your home protected from water damage and weather concerns.

As Owens Corning Preferred Contractors, we can handle everything from simple roof repairs to tear-offs and total roof replacements! No matter what level of roof support you’re looking for, our BBB-accredited team knows how to provide it.

Sophisticated Siding to Enhance Curb Appeal

Did you know that you can upgrade your home’s entire look and invest in insulating, energy-efficient exterior protection at the same time? All it takes is an installation of seamlessly-installed, curb-appeal-boosting, energy-bill-taming siding! Choose from options like cedar wood, vinyl, or James Hardie’s famous fiber cement siding in a tempting range of colors for the most beautiful home yet. Depending on the severity of the issues with your current siding, our contractors might also recommend lasting siding repairs as an affordable alternative.

Durable, Long-Lasting Replacement Windows

For an upgrade that will truly help your home sparkle, consider investing in beautiful, energy-efficient windows. Based on your specific needs, our replacement window installers will help you select energy-saving, secure products and install them flawlessly for a pleasant experience from start to finish.

We’re proud to work with the best brands, including:

  • Andersen Windows
  • Marvin Windows
  • Harvey Windows
  • Pella Windows
  • Simonton Windows

Doors Installed by Experienced Professionals

Our trusted door installers are standing by, ready and waiting to help you transform the entryways of your home! The high-quality Therma-Tru doors we install come in a variety of colors, and all are guaranteed to deliver the lasting performance and energy savings you expect. Invest in the security and style of your home with this one affordable improvement.

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