Wood vs. Vinyl Windows

When it comes to remodeling, redecorating, or renovating parts of a house, windows are an excellent place to start. Windows should be given considerable attention, given that these parts of your home are what give it a distinct look, feel, and value. Homeowners and homebuyers both consider front and back windows to be a crowning feature of their home. Windows give you a view out to the world and allow the world to see a glimpse of your world, as well. So if you’re redoing or upgrading your home, you’ll want to choose the best windows for you. Here are the significant differences, pros, and cons of wood vs. vinyl windows.


Vinyl: Vinyl is made of a plastic known commonly as PVC.

Wood: Wood windows are commonly made from pine or fir.


Vinyl: White or light tan. Darker colors will cost more.

Wood: Natural wood or painted any color.


Vinyl: No maintenance needed. No sealing or painting required. With vinyl, you can set it and forget it.

Wood: High maintenance. Wood must be treated, sealed, and painted when installed and every few years. If the wood is painted, you must refresh the paint job every one-to-two years.


Vinyl: Vinyl does a fair job of insulating, though these windows are not beneficial in areas that get freezing temperatures.

Wood: Wood is your go-to solution for insulation. Wood keeps heat inside and cold outside, creating a cost-effective method for keeping your energy bill down.

Cost For The Window

Vinyl: Vinyl windows are a cost-effective option. They are, on average, 25% cheaper than wood.

Wood: Wood windows are going to cost more than vinyl. If wood is important, factor a higher cost into your renovation budget.


Vinyl: With light colors to match modern homes and darker colors coming onto the market, their appearance is improving.

Wood: If you’re going for a natural look, you can’t beat wood. Wood will give you a very outdoorsy feel for homes in the country. Wood can also provide a stately feel for older homes.

Ordering Time

Vinyl: Vinyl is plentiful, and many manufacturers have it available. You can order vinyl windows and have them delivered according to any schedule you set.

Wood: Wood is harder to obtain. You will need to adjust to the supplier’s time table for your window projects.

Resale Value

Vinyl: Vinyl has a good resale value. Most homebuyers will accept vinyl windows if it comes with the house of their dreams.

Wood: Resale value is excellent. Wood windows that have been maintained will always add to the beauty of a home. Well-maintained wood is looked upon favorably by homebuyers.

Bottom Line

Vinyl: If you prefer cost-effective windows that look well maintained with little to no maintenance, vinyl is the way to go.

Wood: If you prefer the eco-friendly nature of wood windows, you will have more maintenance in your future, but your home will retain a higher resale value for it.

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